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- M.
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Adoptable Pet of the Day (Dog)

This is   BAXTER


Baxter Black is one fun loving dog! He enjoys making people laugh. He is approximately 8 years old and is waiting for you to come and get him!

Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch
966 Echo Hill Rd
Medina, TX  78055
830 589-7544

open Saturdays 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and also by app

Texas - Boerne
Adoptable Pet of the Day (Cat)

This is   Tamaya


Last seen Upton, MA. Striped, multicolor tabby pattern: brown-black-silver-tan, white chin. White spot on throat. 7yr. old spayed female. Microchip: 24PetWatch. May have partial tail.

, AL 

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