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<u> Mix-Bred MINIATURE PINSCHER Male  Young  Puppy  (Secondary Breed: BLEND)</u>

San Antonio ACS PET - A451445

Pet description: BLACK AND BROWN 
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Mix Breed / Male / Received: 09/20/2017 
Claim pet before: 09/24/2017 

Location: Animal Care Services / San Antonio, TX
Area of town:  
Identify by Pickup Order #: A451445
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<u> Mix-Bred MINIATURE PINSCHER Male  Young  Puppy </u>

Pet name: FOUND

Pet description:     Found male intact puppy, mostly black and some brown. He followed us home on 7-11-17 from the Northampton housing division entrance in Converse, TX. He is very friendly, playful and puppyish. He has escaped out of our yard once and our home 3 times, which leads me to believe that he has a family who miss him. He was well groomed except for his nails and not malnourished. These lead me to believe he has humans looking for him. 
Mix Breed / Male /
Tag description: No tags
Received: 07/26/2017 
Location: This is a FOUND pet that has been posted by a neighbor looking for the owner of the pet. If you are the pet owner please click this email link and include your name and phone contact information so that the neighbor can contact you.  
/ San Antonio, TX
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